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Turboshaft Engine

On receiving your turbine you will see everything pictured here along with a detailed operating and setup manual that covers fuel tank systems, recommended exhaust designs, mounting the engine, mounting the onboard components and very detailed instructions for calibrating the PRO ECU unit with the supplied data console.


  JAKADOFSKY PRO-X Turboshaft Engine (with CNC Nimonic wheel)  $11,980.00      


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Every JAKADOFSKY engine that is shipped to customers has passed stringent factory testing. Each engine is tested at all operating speeds, during startup and shutdown using common operator errors and at maximum power. The onboard PRO ECU controls all aspects of the engine's operation from startup, spool up, speed regulation, spool down and shut down, including emergency engine shutdown from the transmitter. The default PRO ECU setup is factory programmed for the highest efficiency to fuel consumption ratio and requires the final steps to calibrate the engine startup to your transmitter.

Included with each engine are components in 2 major groups. The electronic components include the PRO ECU, data console, brushless controller, battery pack, temperature sensor, rpm sensor and indicator status LED. The liquid fuel equipment includes two electric shut off valves, one for starting fuel and one for operational fuel, electric fuel pump, Y fuel fitting and 4mm Red PU fuel line.

PRO ECU Connections Left Side:

  • Throttle lead, switched rx channel.
  • RC2, RC3, RC4 are unused.
  • External data console.
  • Engine status LED.
  • Xtravalue is unused.
  • Engine start fuel valve.
  • Engine run fuel valve.
  • Kerosene electric fuel pump.
PRO ECU Connections Right Side:
  • Engine EGT temperature probe.
  • Engine RPM sensor.
  • Onboard electric starter.
  • Glow plug connector.
  • Main battery connector.

PRO ECU Expanded Turbine Statistics

At the end of each flight reconnect the data console to the PRO ECU and record the flight's statistics in a notebook for your turbine. It is recommended to assemble an extension for the EDT (electronic data terminal/console) to be able to make programming setting changes with the EDT safely outside of the rotor span of the model.

This is how you can track your engine's performance and detect variations in the data which eventually lead to operating problems. Scroll to the INFO menu and at a minimum record the EGT-PEAK and FUELPUMP-PEAK values. If the EGT-PEAK reaches or exceeds 700 degrees celcius, you should look for ways to reduce the loading of the turbine. This is an indicator that the turbine is getting too hot. If the turbine engine reaches 800 degrees, it will automatically shutdown to avoid internal engine damage. The FUELPUMP-PEAK value should remain below 4.2 volts, seeing higher voltage is an indication there is a problem with the fuel supply to the engine. Check the fuel clunks, fittings, tubing and fuel pump for dirt or loose connections. In some situations, the fuel pump voltages appear normal, but fuel flow problems result in a decrease in turbine RPM with a high EGT reading during flight.

In addition to the these two key data points, the following information is now available after every flight in INFO and STATISTICS of the PRO ECU. EGT-AVERAGE, RPM-PEAK, RUNS-TOTAL, RUNS-ABORT, HOUR-METER, LAST-OFF

Due to the very high current draw from the onboard starter, a conventional on/off switch is not used. High quality power connectors are to be purchased separately and installed between the 11.1/12V battery and the PRO ECU rated at 40 amps continuous load.

JAKADOFSKY PRO-X Turbine Detail Photos

The pictures illustrate the PRO-X turbine engine along with the standard components which are installed to the airframe and the engine itself.

Front right side of the PRO-X turbine with main fuel inlet.  Front view of the PRO-X turbine, FOD screen, clutch assembly and wiring.
Front left side showing starter fuel inlet with fuel line plug and wiring.  Left side of the PRO-X showing overall proportions of turbine components.
Rear left shot of the PRO-X showing its clean lines and rear mount.  Rear view of the PRO-X with the machined Iconel axial turbine wheel.
Rear right detail shot of the PRO-X with wiring and fuel lines.  Left side of the PRO-X showing starter wiring and main fuel lines.
Top view of the PRO-X turbine with wiring and fuel lines.  PRO-X turbine with overall electrical and liquid fuel components.
Detail shot of the electrical components provided with the PRO-X.  Detail shot of the PRO ECU for the PRO-X and the data console.
Detail shot of the liquid fuel components for the PRO-X.