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Turboshaft Engine

JAKADOFSKY has broken ground into a new class of turbine engine. This 10kW or 14HP engine delivers double the power output over the Pro5000, but is only 25% larger in size. This engine is tasked as a power plant and for large turbine helicopters that can carry a payload in both model and industrial applications. Building on their patented turboshaft design, the PRO-X will again provide a perfect platform for helicopters.


  JAKADOFSKY PRO-X Turboshaft Engine (with CNC Nimonic wheel)  $11,980.00      


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PRO-X 10kW [14HP] at 94,000 RPM, with CNC machined Nimonic turbine wheel and Kerosene Start

JAKADOFSKY has continued to refine and develop small turbine engines with the popular Starwood, PRO and PRO5000 series. The PRO-X engine now takes this technology one step further as demand in industrial applications and UAVs is growing. It exclusively uses Kerosene to start the engine eliminating the Propane/Butane requirement completely.

The PRO-X in UAV configuration (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) has applications in large 3 meter helicopters and turbo-prop aircraft. The turbine incorporates an onboard electric starter which also serves as an inflight generator capable of providing 13.6V in nominal voltage with a maximum current capacity of 10Amps. An optional charging module is currently under development which will recharge the onboard starting battery automatically. The PRO-X turbine uses the standard oil-Kerosene fuel (same as the PRO series) and is lubricated from the oil component.

Components as shown:

  • Gas turbine engine unit.
  • Onboard PRO ECU unit.
  • Electronic data unit.
  • Kerosene fuel pump.
  • Kerosene valve x 2.
  • Brushless Speed Control.
  • EGT Probe & Connector.
  • External engine status LED.
  • Fuel Line & Y Fitting.
  • 10 cell NICAD 2500 mAh battery.

JAKADOFSKY engines operate more efficiently as the PRO ECU (electronic control unit) only needs to regulate the engine speed 2-4K to cover all flying maneuvers. This intrinsic design avoids large engine RPM changes to control the output. The engine also comes equipped with an intake screen to avoid FOD (foreign object damage) that prevents debris from entering the engine which could severely damage the internal engine components. The PRO-X has improved its internal starter design by moving the electric starter from the turbine's main drive shaft to the engine's output shaft. The brushless starter motor now serves two roles: turbine engine start and onboard generator.

Common Specifications:

Startup:Completely automatic PRO ECU engine start and shut down from transmitter.
Fuel Useage:6 oz/min (170ml/min) average.
Fuel:Jet A-1 or deodorized heating Kerosene mixed with 5% (ratio 20:1) Turbine Oil.
Ignition:Electric Kerosene ignition.
Exhaust Temp:390° no load - 650° max. load in Celcius.
Battery:12V 2500mAh for onboard starting & electronics.
Tubing:Fuel pressure system 2.5mm ID/4mm OD, Red PU.
 Fuel pickup and tank system, yellow Tygon 3mm inside diameter
 Fuel tank fittings, 3mm inside diameter
Weight:3400g (7.48 lbs)
Technical Dimensions:

We have been asked several times for the key dimensions on the JAKADOFSKY turbine engine and JAKADOFSKY has provided the following two technical drawings with dimensions in millimeters. These are exact and can be easily used to determine how a JAKADOFSKY turbine can be installed in your model project.