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Turboshaft Engine

The PRO-X turbine includes the PRO ECU turbine controller which has significantly improved turbine safety through improved software and standardization of how the PRO ECU is configured and connected to your receiver. All turbine operation is now controlled from a single switched channel on your transmitter focusing regular operation and emergency shutdown from the same switch.


  JAKADOFSKY PRO-X Turboshaft Engine (with CNC Nimonic wheel)  $11,980.00      


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The turbine engine is started and automatically spooled up to an operating RPM with the helicopter's blade pitch in neutral. Once the operating RPM is achieved the turbine will signal the pilot using the auxillary LED and the pilot can lift the helicopter off the ground. Once in the air, the turbine speed remains very constant reacting only to the largest changes in pitch. The turbine's fundamental operation guarantees a constant rotor-head speed which can be fine tuned in the PRO ECU.

PRO ECU Setup: Receiver Connections for JAKADOFSKY PRO-X Edition Turbine

The following table shows the most common receiver configuration for turbine models. Depending on your transmitter, channel 7 or 8 normally has a 3 position switch which is the preferred choice, but a dial or slider is equally suitable.

1 or 4ThrottleUnused
5Gear SwitchNormal
6Collective PitchNormal
7Auxillary 2-3P SwitchGyro Remote Gain
8Auxillary 3P Switch/Dial/SliderTurbine Control
Table 1. Auxillary channel for turbine control.

Depending on your transmitter, you may have a choice for the turbine control switch. It is no longer possible to use a two position (2P) switch here. The PRO ECU reads the three position (3P) switch as Off, Idle and Max operating speed. While we do not actively change the turbine RPM during flight in helicopters, occassionally the model is flown at a location that has a different altitude or humidity that affects the engine and its operational RPM can be adjusted. Many factors contribute to what that flying speed should be including fixed elements like the model weight and rotor blade type to variable elements like the air temperature and humidity which change day to day.

Turbine Autostart Procedure - PRO-X

StepConsoleEventAuxillary LED
1. Beginstop  
2. Turbine Switch: OFF -> IDLErun solid on
3. Cycle Turbine Switch: IDLE -> MAX -> IDLE
 rel-system release for startupsolid on
 fireigniter lightssolid on
 spinturbine rotor is spinningsolid on
 firefuel pump & start valve onsolid on
 heatshort chamber heat upsolid on
 accefuel valve on, accelerating solid on
 idleturbine idlesolid on
4. Set Collective Pitch to neutral (0 degrees)
5. Set Turbine Switch: MAX
 0%++increasing turbine powersolid on
 100%achieved maximum powerturns off
6. Add collective pitch to take off.
Table 2. Turbine Autostart Procedure - Kerosene Start Fuel

The turbine switch is the only way to start or stop your JAKADOFSKY turbine engine and can be used at any operating speed. The engine will automatically follow the next procedure during shutdown to ensure the engine cools off to a temperature below 80 degrees to avoid damaging internal components.

Turbine Autostop Procedure - PRO-X

StepConsoleEventAuxillary LED
1. Land Helicopter
2. Turbine Switch: MAX -> IDLE
 100%- -decreasing turbine powersolid on
 idleturbine at idlesolid on
3. Turbine Switch: OFFofffuel valve closingturns off
 offengine cycles during coolingoff
 coolengine below 80 degreesoff
4. Reconnect the data console to retrieve flight statistics.
Table 3. Turbine Autostop Procedure