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Kerosene Engine Start
Factory Option

JAKADOFSKY builds better turbines. Modelers now have a choice of how their turbine engine starts. All new Starwood and PRO series turbines can be ordered with gaseous Butane/Propane start equipment or the optional Kerosene Start equipment by customer choice from now on. This ensures that you can use the start method you prefer.

Factory option KS is only useable with the PRO ECU.


KS   Kerosene Start Option for new engines  $300.00      



Which start fuel is better?

The simple answer is both. There is no change in the performance of the turbine however customers should be aware that the Kerosene start option equipment is heavier due to the requirement of a 12V starter battery. The fuel plumbing is a different configuration and is essentially the same in terms of complexity to mount two fuel valves and the split-Y Festo fitting which link to two systems to the fuel tank.

Kerosene start requires the new PRO ECU unit. The PRO ECU includes a completely new program, includes the Kerosene start and provides the connectors for the additional fuel value.

Components as shown:
  • Fuel-injected glow plug with
  • Festo inline connector.
  • Viton O-Rings (different sizes).
  • Kerosene start valve.
  • Festo split-Y connector.
  • Fuel pressure 4mm PU tubing.

A single fuel type simplifies the support equipment required and slightly reduces the number of steps when starting the engine. It is a trade off in terms of benefits but we are pioneering new features which we believe will continue to make our turbines the preferred choice in model helicopters. The gaseous fuel value, fuel lines, fuel container and refilling value are no longer needed, but the placement of the larger and heavier battery needs to be considered to maintain a good center of gravity.

When starting the turbine, the Kerosene start value will open and Kerosene fuel is preheated before entering the combustion chamber. This along with the higher rotational speed of the electric starter creates the optimal conditions for engine ignition. Once the turbine has reached its run temperature, the PRO ECU automatically opens the operation fuel value and closes the start fuel value. The turbine transitions seamlessly to the operational fuel and the power is shut off to the Kerosene heater and the electric starter.

The Kerosene start technology was first developed for the PRO-X turbine engine and was originally a design specification to eliminate the gaseous fuel requirement. Because it has been extremely successful in the larger turbine engine, we thought it would be an attractive option for our model helicopter turbines as well. Now that our new PRO ECU is in production, it solves the final problem. It contains superior programming for all turbine operation and includes options for both types of turbine engine start. Customers will be very satisfied with the continued support and development of JAKADOFSKY turbine engines.

Scale Considerations:

The fuel-injected glow plug which functions as the Kerosene heater assembly is taller and makes installation into scale models that have limitied space around the turbine (like the Starwood Huey) difficult to impossible because of the tight fit of the turbine engine into the engine compartment. Creative modelers may be able to model a scale detail that fits over the Kerosene glow plug, but it will not be scale or look authentic.