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Starwood Edition
Turboshaft Engine

Turbine models have transformed our thinking about what is possible in a scale model. The helicopters are larger and heavier, but their power and reliability have sparked a new generation of imaginative modelers. Precision engine control along with turbine maintenance tracking significantly reduces engine related problems which results in more flying time.


JAKADOFSKY Starwood Edition Turboshaft Engine  $4,499.00      


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As JAKADOFSKY has secured itself in the turbine market, we are seeing more manufacturers producing scale helicopter fuselages and dedicated mechanics designed for JAKADOFSKY turbine engines. If you are looking for a new turbine project, this page may help you find the right project for you.

Courtesy of RunRyder.

Starwood AH-1S Cobra 1/6th Scale Fuselage

If you have seen Dr. Tim's turbine Cobra, you will have seen a flying masterpiece. This a craftsman fuselage and can be fully detailed with cockpit, armaments and hatches to mirror the full scale helicopter. It is truely the iconic anti-tank attack helicopter.

Starwood UH-1C Huey 1/5.6th Scale Fuselage

A little larger than the Cobra, this fuselage can be equally detailed to the max, with cockpit, full interior, hatches and armaments. There are plenty of space to easily add detail and work inside this fuselage. The Huey was one of the most versatile helicopters ever built.

Starwood AH-Mk1 Scout 1/5th Scale Fuselage

The JAKADOFSKY turbine is completely authentic in its mount location behind the main shaft. Turbine and mechanics are in their full scale locations which allows complete detailing of the model, limited only to the creativity of the builder.

Courtesy of A. Elneser.

Vario Alouette 1/5.6th Scale Fuselage

The Alouette was the first turbine powered helicopter which makes it a great scale model. The JAKADOFSKY turbine is completely scale in its authentic position behind the main shaft. Vario offers a tremendous selection of accessories to detail this fuselage.