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Starwood Edition
Turboshaft Engine

On opening the JAKADOFSKY turbine box you will see everything pictured here along with a detailed operating and setup manual that covers fuel tank systems, recommended exhaust designs, mounting the engine, mounting the onboard components and very detailed instructions for calibrating the PRO ECU unit with the supplied mini data console.


  JAKADOFSKY Starwood Edition Turboshaft Engine (with CNC Nimonic wheel) $4,798.00      


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Every JAKADOFSKY engine that is shipped to customers has passed stringent factory testing. Each engine is tested at all operating speeds, during startup and shutdown using common operator errors and at maximum power. The onboard PRO ECU controls all aspects of the engine's operation from startup, spool up, speed regulation, spool down and shut down, including emergency engine shutdown from the transmitter. The default PRO ECU setup is factory programmed for the highest efficiency to fuel consumption ratio and requires the final steps to calibrate the engine startup to your transmitter.

Included with each engine are components in 3 major groups. The electronic components include the PRO ECU, data console, glow plug connector, battery pack, switch harness and indicator status LED. The engine start gaseous fuel equipment includes the 3mm PU gas lines, the gas shut off valve and the gas container with mechanical shut off valve. The operational liquid fuel equipment includes 4mm PU fuel line, electric fuel pump and electric fuel shut off valve.

PRO ECU Connections Left Side:

  • Throttle lead, switched rx channel.
  • RC2, RC3, RC4 are unused.
  • External Data console.
  • Engine status LED.
  • Xtravalue is unused.
  • Engine start fuel valve.
  • Engine run fuel valve.
  • Kerosene electric fuel pump.
PRO ECU Connections Right Side:
  • Engine EGT temperature probe.
  • Engine RPM sensor.
  • Onboard electric starter.
  • Glow plug connector.
  • Main battery connector.

Data Console Functions:

RPM value for propane ignition, amount of propane, fuel pump voltage control, glow plug voltage control, ambient temperature, idle and maximum speed.

The data console is the interface to the operating parameters for the engine. Each new engine requires two configuration procedures, one with the transmitter turned off and one with the transmitter turned on. All settings are well detailed in the operating manual. Once the PRO ECU has been setup, the data console will confirm it with a message and the engine can be run using the Autostart feature. At the end of each flight, the PRO ECU will retain information for maximum fuel voltage needed for full throttle, average operating temperature, maximum temperature, stop rotor time and the total engine time. The PRO ECU retains this information until the power switch is turned off. It is recommended to log this information as it will be a clear indicator of a problem with the fuel system, over time.

JAKADOFSKY Turbine Detail Photos

The pictures illustrate the Starwood Edition turbine along with a detail shots of the items included with the turbine. The Starwood Edition, the PRO and the PRO5000 have the same physical dimensions on the outside, but changes have been made internally to produce the different turbine power outputs.

Starwood bottom mount, frontal right shot of starter and EGT probe wiring.  Starwood bottom mount, profile shot of the exhaust, EGT probe and glow plug.
Starwood top mount, left frontal shot of the EGT probe, starter pod and mount.  Starwood top mount, profile left side shot of the turbine.
Starwood turbine with overall electrical, gaseous and liquid fuel components.  The Pro ECU and mini-data console included with the Starwood Edition.
Starwood liquid fuel pump, valve, switch and starting battery.  Starwood gaseous tank, 3mm PU lines, electric valve and tank valve.