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Starwood Edition
Turboshaft Engine

The Starwood Edition, JAKADOFSKY turbine has been designed for scale modelers wanting the reliability and performance of a JAKADOFSKY turbine and are looking for improved flight duration as compared to the higher, power output available in the PRO series. As new scale helicopters and fuselages are emerging, the Starwood Edition turbine is a perfect balance of power to fuel economy for scale models.


  JAKADOFSKY Starwood Edition Turboshaft Engine (with CNC Nimonic wheel) $4,798.00      


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Starwood 4.2kW [5.7HP] at 89,000 RPM, with CNC machined Nimonic turbine wheel

The JAKADOFSKY turbine is an AMA approved engine for use within North America. This is a complete system that comes with the components for complete remote starting, operation and shutdown from the radio transmitter. The onboard electronic control system automates the complete control of these processes on the engine. Two different types of fuel are used during operation, a gaseous butane/propane mix for starting and liquid Kerosene as the primary operational fuel. The engine is first started with the propane/butane that burns until the engine is at a sufficient temperature and RPM to run on the liquid Kerosene. After transitioning to the Kerosene, the butane fuel value is automatically turned off.

Components as shown:

  • Gas turbine engine unit.
  • Onboard Pro ECU unit.
  • Compact data console.
  • Propane shut off valve.
  • Kerosene fuel pump.
  • Kerosene shut off valve.
  • Butane/propane tank w/valve.
  • Glow plug connector.
  • External engine status LED.
  • ECU connectors x 2.
  • Master on/off switch.
  • 2S 1600/2500 Konion LiPoly battery.

The JAKADOFSKY engine operates more efficiently as the PRO ECU (Electronic Control Unit) only needs to regulate the engine speed 2-4K to cover all flying manuevers. This intrinsic design avoids large engine RPM changes to control the output to the helicopter. The engine also comes equipped with an intake screen to avoid FOD (foreign object damage) that prevents debris from entering the engine which could severely damage the internal engine components. All around, the JAKADOFSKY turbine engine is a better design for the emerging turbine helicopter marketplace and several helicopter companies, in addition to ourselves now offer mechanics designed for the JAKADOFSKY turbine for use with their helicopters.

Common Specifications:

Startup:Completely automatic ECU engine start and shut down from transmitter.
Fuel Useage:4 oz/min (130ml/min) average.
Fuel:Jet A-1 Kerosene with 5% Turbine Oil.
Gas:30% Propane / 70% Butane mix in a refillable tank.
Glow Plug:Rossi 8 extra cold with 2 loops expanded 3mm.
Exhaust Temp:400° - 700° Celcius.
Battery: 7.4V 1600/2500mAh Konion LiPoly (for onboard starting).
Tubing:Gas system 3mm PU
 Fuel pressure system 4mm PU
 Fuel pickup and tank system, yellow Tygon 3mm inside
 Fuel tank fittings 3mm inside diameter
Weight:1350g (3 lbs)
Technical Dimensions:

We have been asked several times for the key dimensions on the JAKADOFSKY turbine engine and JAKADOFSKY has provided the following two technical drawings with dimensions in millimeters. These are exact and can be easily used to determine how a JAKADOFSKY turbine can be installed in your model project.