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JAKADOFSKY turbines are engineered and manufactured to very high standards. This ensures that each engine delivers consistent and reliable performance and is as close to maintenance free as it gets in model helicopters. Some components in the fuel system will wear out over time and we have put together this section to allow our customers to find and purchase parts as needed.



Switch Harness
Turbine: Starwood & PRO

The switch harness needs to be monitored like all other components in models. This is a quality switch harness and comes with the standard connectors for the AECU and the starter battery. The best source to monitor its condition is from the data console. The AECU's built in error codes will be the first indication of a problem, when voltages start to drop.


Turbine Adjustable Wye Exhaust
Style: Single Wall for Starwood & PRO

This turbine wye exhaust allows the modeler to choose the correct angle for each side exhaust tube before permanently fixing them in place. This allows for a longer overall lifespan for the exhaust if the turbine is moved to a new fuselage or mechanics. Intake tube is designed for the JAKADOFSKY turbine engine.


Engine Data Terminal
Turbine: all models

All turbines includes the new JAKADOFSKY data console.
This unit is of rugged design made of sturdy aluminum. The
EDT (Engine Data Terminal) is measuring 4 1/8" x 2" x 3/4"
[10.5 x 5 x 1.9cm].


Clutch is not included.

Clutch Bell
Turbine: Starwood & PRO
PJW2000 series

The clutch and clutch bell are factory installed parts and are normally inspected during engine servicing. These are provided here to help modelers with Vario mechanics. When you place your order for your turbine, you can include the matching clutch bell for your mechanics and it will be installed to your turbine at no additional cost to you.

PJW2000-20$98.50                     PJW2000-26$98.50     
PJW2000-22$98.50                     PJW2000-27$98.50     
PJW2000-23$98.50                     PJW2000-28$98.50     
PJW2000-24$98.50                     PJW2000-40$108.50   
PJW2000-25$98.50                    PJW2000-40$98.50      

Propane Tank Valve w/Festo Fitting
Turbine: Starwood & PRO

The propane valve screws down on top of the onboard propane tank and includes the top thumb screw to open and close the flow of propane/butane gas from the tank. A little tip is to mark on the tank with a permanent marker the open direction just as a reminder.


Kerosene Electric Fuel Pump
Turbine: Starwood, PRO & PRO-X

This electric Kersosene fuel pump is the single most important part on the engine as it controls the speed of the turbine. This has proven very reliable and its performance is monitored from recording the fuel pump voltages over time.


Kerosene Electric Fuel Valve Solenoid
Turbine: Starwood, PRO & PRO-X

The fuel valve also called the fuel solinoid works in conjunction with the fuel pump and is controlled by the ECU. It functions as an on/off switch for the liquid fuel during engine startup and shutdown procedures.