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We are a fully qualified service center for JAKADOFSKY Jet Engines and have been servicing engines from the very first day we started selling and promoting JAKADOFSKY products. We carry a complete line of parts including: glow plugs, valves, starter assemblies, clutches, and clutchbells in addition to all of the standard parts that are replaced during servicing.

Service is part of our commitment when selling JAKADOFSKY jet turbines and is done in-house by our certified technicians. We traveled to the JAKADOFSKY plant in Austria to complete an intensive training and certification course on performing routine maintenance, repairing engines and calibrating them at the required servicing interval.


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JAKADOFSKY has been in the aviation business since 1985 doing primarily maintenance, repairs and inspections of full scale helicopters like the Alouette, Lama and Gazelle. As of 1996 JAKADOFSKY has been producing smaller jet engines for R/C models and in 2000 they developed a turboshaft version that integrates a small gearbox inside the engine. The gearbox is completely maintenance-free providing the most reliable, direct drive transmission of power for use in model helicopters.

From the introduction of turbine power to R/C models, helicopter pilots have been patiently waiting for this exact development that would allow the turbine engine to be integrated into our gear driven model helicopters. The PJW-R turbine was the first engine offered and took several first place wins at the Nationals and the IRCHA Jamboree. JAKADOFSKY was granted a patent for this turbine engine design and its entire system in 2002 which passed the AMA certification in the spring of 2003. Since then, JAKADOFSKY has continued to release newer models that produce increasing amounts of horse power with only marginal increases in operating speeds.

The JAKADOFSKY turbine engines are remarkably well designed. They have the experience with full scale turbines that has naturally been applied to the model engine.

This RS gas turbine shown here is mounted to a display board that shows how the engine components work together. On the left is the main fuel tank which is shown as a single tank for demonstration purposes only. In most installations there are two fuel tanks, mounted parallel within the fuselage connected with a "Y" style fuel fitting. The main tank then feeds a header tank that deals with any flight induced air bubbles to provide the fuel pump with a constant flow of Kerosene fuel. The AECU completely automates the starting procedure by initially opening the Butane fuel valve and igniting the gaseous fuel. Once the engine temperature has risen, the AECU starts the liquid fuel pump and transitions the engine to run on the Kerosene fuel. The engine shut down procedure is similarly managed by the AECU to ensure that the sufficient time is allowed for the engine to cool down before it is actually turned off.

We have invested and outfitted our facility with the necessary tools, serviceable parts and diagnostic equipment to fully service any JAKADOFSKY turbine at its regular service interval or a complete rebuild after a crash. Before any service is performed, we will provide a quotation for the service and any necessary replacement parts that need to be changed after we receive the engine.

Engine Servicing:

To have your engine serviced, please follow these guidelines:

1. Remove your engine from your helicopter and insert the fuel line plugs that were originally supplied with your engine to avoid fuel from emptying completely out of the engine. When you received your new engine, there was fuel already in the lines from the factory quality assurance testing.

2. Pack your engine in the original shipping carton, sufficiently wrapped in foam to protect the engine in the event that the carrier throws the box.

3. Ship the package to us, postage paid and make sure to fill out and attach a PROFORMA INVOICE stating "Damaged model helicopter turbine motor for repair, value USD 25,-".This is very important to clear European customs without additional cost and delay. We will return your engine, insured and shipped by Postal Service Priority Mail.

4. After we receive your engine, we will perform an initial inspection and provide a quotation for the servicing including the standard replacement parts. If after we have completely pulled down your engine and addition components need replacing, we will contact you with an updated quotation. On approval we will service your engine, complete an engine diagnostic and fully test your rebuilt engine before returning it to you.

Please send your engine to the following address:

Jakadofsky GmbH
Industriestr. 13
2542 Kottingbrunn

Tel:  +43 2252 890038
Fax: +43 2252 890038 15
Mail:  info@jakadofsky.com